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Antonio Valencia: Ecuador’s Unstoppable Train

Antonio Valencia: Ecuador’s Unstoppable Train

Just recently, a bold Antonio Valencia stressed that Ecuador is hardly a favorite in the upcoming World Cup matches. At a glance, such statement is unexpected from a man tasked to lead the squad in the much awaited sporting event. But Valencia’s action cannot immediately be taken against him. Such description was a straightforward admission of their weakness and a showcase of one’s determination to improve.


Valencia, while acknowledging their shortcomings emphasized the importance of focus in order to survive the tournament. He added that they must double their efforts to make it big. Such mentality is indeed, a plaudit worthy characteristic of a great leader—a leader who recognizes and accepts the weaknesses of his squad, yet at the same time, proposes solutions to their impending problems. Valencia’s strength is also evident in his futuristic approach. He mentioned that other than the World Cup, the squad must also look forward to securing its appearance in other major tournaments such as Copa America, for example.


But Valencia’s footballing passion is not only manifested in rhetorical speeches and narratives. The well-known winger walks the talk. His efficiency is not only felt with the way he motivates and encourages the whole squad. More than anything else, these are manifested inside the pitch.


Tagged as the so-called “train” he is expected to deliver the speed needed in setting-up creative plays and attacks, It is because of his speed that made him an indispensible asset in Wigan Athletic and later on was spotted by the Sir Alex Ferguson. He then joined the historic grounds of Old Trafford where he became a familiar face in Manchester United’s starting XI. During the 2011-2012 season, Valencia won the hearts of many. He emerged as the top favorite of the club’s supporters and also with his team mates.


Lengthy explanations are no longer required when Valencia bagged the award. The prowess he showed is indeed, worthy of plaudits and recognition and with the great task ahead of him, expect the “train” unleash its maximum speed of helping Ecuador impress.


Image Source:  Sports Keeda

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