FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Netherlands

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Netherlands

Once again, Netherlands proved that they are a strong contender in the 2014 World Cup when they beat Mexico and advance to the quarter-finals.


An iron-clad testament to Netherland’s unstoppable campaign was the result of their world cup matches. It has not lost a single match and has recorded one of the biggest wins in the tournament when they thrashed Spain with five (5) goals.


As they move to another level, the likelihood that they will make it to the semi-finals, remains high.


The manager

Louis Van Gaal is the genius architect behind success of the Oranjes. So many times in the competition, he showed the efficiency of his tactical shifts and perhaps none of them can be more pronounced than what he did during the clash against Mexico.
Netherlands was on the verge of being eliminated when a quick substitution paved way for them to take the limelight from the celebrating Mexican crowd.


The go-to-guy

Certainly, this role goes to Arjen Robben. The controversial player has been the target of criticisms due to his diving antics. But it cannot be denied that he has been selected as the Man of the Match in all of Netherlands’ encounters.


Robben together with the team captain, Robin van Persie has scored three (3) points.


Defining moment

Netherlands already made an impression at the onset of the competition. Spain’s demolition shocked many, most especially La Roja’s supporter. What spectators thought as a down the wire match, ended in Spain’s easy destruction.


Likewise, its great escape from Mexico gave football another memorable match.


What the odds say

Outright odds of 5.50 at 12BET see Netherlands as the competition’s winner. The possibility that it will win against Costa Rica by a goal is pegged at a profitable 3.15.


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Image Source: The Epoch Times

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