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2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Netherlands

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Netherlands

In its semi-finals qualifying match against Costa Rica, Netherlands readily epitomized what grace under pressure meant. Going against a clinical Los Ticos in a penalty shootout was a real threat to their survival. The squad just eliminated Greece in the same scenario, but the coaching protégé Louis van Gaal was determined to bring the odds into their favour.


The manager

For the second time around, Gaal had a proud display of his tactical acumen. His bold and daring move to substitute his  steady goalkeeper, Jasper Cillessen by Tim Krul, delivered the expected results. Krul saved two (2) penalty shots, which catapulted the Oranjes to the semis.


Prior to their match against Costa Rica, it can be remembered that it was also van Gaal’s late strategic move, which outlasted Mexico into the Round of 16.


The go-to-guy

Netherlands’ head honcho, van Gaal is the squad’s ultimate go-to-guy. Arjen Robben is brilliant. Robin van Persie is spectacular. Wesley Sniejder is inspiring. Yet, their brilliance on the pitch will not materialize if not for the supervision of the man who has been dubbed as one of the finest football managers of this generation.


Defining moment

Netherlands had a number of unforgettable moments in this tournament. But their successful thrashing of the former World Cup champion, Spain, was perhaps the most defining moment they ever had. It signalled their unprecedented rise. It gave them confidence and they were unbeatable since then.


What the odds say

Netherlands’ is an outright favourite of world cup betting odds. They are pegged to win at 4.35. However, it should be noted that they are the least favorites among the four (4) squads, which made it to the semis.



Image Source: Hurri Yet Daily News

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