FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Germany

Germany was already a favorite of world cup odds even before the competition took place. They are one of the most successful squads to grace the tournament. To see them fall out during the Group Stage or Quarter-finals is a rarity. Most of the time, they are strong contenders for the silverware. For Germany, it is already a consolation to take the runner-up spot or win the third place. Settling for a place lower than the two is already an insult. They are 3-time World Cup champion and they are keen on securing their fourth title.


Die Mannschaft as the press often calls it, made an expected, yet shocking win on their first match. The squad thrashed an equally aggressive team, Portugal with 4 massive goals.


The said victory made them enjoy the benefits of having a huge goal difference. It guarantees their entry into the next stage.


A draw against Ghana almost dampened the team’s aggressiveness. The encounter ended in a draw. But the Germans easily recovered when they secured a narrow victory over USA.
Algeria pushed Die Mannschaft to the limit. To qualify for the quarter-finals, the group must show its grit in a 120-minute ordeal. But alas, Andre Schurrle stepped up to the challenge and Mesut Ozil sealed Algeria’s coffin.


The manager

A former mentee of USA manager, Jurgen Klinsmann, Joachim Low took charge of the national squad in 2008 and his entry proved to be a worthy investment.


A believer of the 4-2-3-1 formation, he shifted to 4-3-3 in this tournament. His boldest move was placing his team captain, Philipp Lahm into the middle, instead of his usual position at the back.


The approach enabled him to boost the squad’s defence and therefore, prevent any scoring opportunities from their opponents.


The go-to-guy

Germany is comprised of top-notch players, who can score and defend. Bundesliga, for one is one of the best leagues across Europe. For players who chose to play abroad many of them has successfully created their names in other prominent leagues such as La Liga, Serie A and English Premier League.


Certainly, if there is a go-to-guy in this group, this is the whole Die Mannschaft.


Defining moment

Surviving Algeria already speaks of Germany’s quality, but beating Cristiano Ronaldo in a stage where he was expected to excel was a classic display of team effort and harmony.


What the odds say

Germany is valued to win the 2014 World Cup at 5.10. In 12BET, it is also tagged as the match’s favorite.


Image Source: International Business Times


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