FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Belgium

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Belgium

Belgium has successfully lived up to the dark horse image that has been coined to them since the tournament started.


The squad has not lost any of its world cup matches and they made it to the quarter-finals after a heart-pounding battle against USA.


Belgium failed to qualify during the 2006 and 2010 World Cup. This must be the reason behind their insatiable hunger in clinching victories. The 8-year wait motivated them to pursue a stronger finish. After all, they had all the time to practice and prepare.


While critics argue that their only reason for advancing was their overt advantage over their group mates, believing in such notion is an insult not only to Belgium’s capabilities but also to its opponents. The squad worked hard and earned everything that it enjoys today. Russia was a no push-over and so was USA. Both squads gave the Belgian a scare, but a more composed and organized team emerged.


The manager

Marc Wilmots’ efficient use of his substitutes was a key ingredient to Belgium’s success. He knows his players well. And most importantly, he knows how to bring out the best in them.


The go-to-guy

Other than the magnificent subs, it was the young Eden Hazard, who orchestrated Belgium’s attacking options.


Defining moment

USA’s Tim Howard displayed a brilliant performances, which sent scares to the Belgian squad. However, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku shifted the match into their momentum and eventually, clinched the crucial win.


What the odds say

Outright odds at 12BET value Belgium at 13. Should the squad upsets Argentina, there is no doubt that the odds deliver a profitable win  to punters.


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Image Source: Telegraph


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