FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Argentina

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Argentina

Argentina’s successful entry into the semis proved that they are more than hype—that their only reason for advancing is that they belong to a weak group. They disappointed Switzerland in the Round of 16 and just recently, they ousted the competition’s dark horse, Belgium. Can Argentina prevail in this tournament? Will Lionel Messi finally lift the silverware? There is no definite answer to these questions, but one thing is certain— La Albiceleste is just a step away from reaching its dream.


The manager

Alejandro Sabella has successfully engraved his name into the history of Argentinian football. After twenty-four (24) years of failing to impress, the tactician has put back the squad into the pedestal of world-class football. Under his supervision, Argentina began to work as a team. It is through him that the team has slowly erased its reputation of being overly dependent to Messi.


Other than enriching the team’s morale, Sabella’s tactical flexibility gave Argentina the edge.  He will courageously shift from one formation to another, depending on the need.


The go-to-guy

It is difficult to ignore Messi as the squad’s go-to-guy. But this time, the title is no longer exclusively his.


Gonzalo Higuain’s winning goal against Belgium triggered the striker’s hunger for scoring. No doubt, he can be a threat upon igniting his rhythm during the said match.


Angel di Maria’s unquestionable effort in keeping the ball to Argentina’s side is also a noteworthy one.


Defining moment

A 24-year absence in the latter stage of the tournament translates to La Albiceleste’s mediocre performance in their six (6) World Cup appearance. Clearly, winning against a top-notch squad such as Belgium is the club’s defining moment.


What the odds say

Outright World Cup betting odds value Argentina to win at 3.35. It has outlasted Brazil in the betting rankings after Brazil lost its star player, Neymar to an injury.


Image Source: Straits Times

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