FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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2014 World Cup Semis: Updates From The Last 4 Remaining Teams

2014 World Cup Semis: Updates From The Last 4 Remaining Teams

After securing their well-deserved victories in the quarter-finals, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Netherlands are just a match away from clinching the 2014 World Cup silverware.
Expect the members of the above-mentioned squads to push themselves to the limits and transform into football gods as they look forward to the materialization of their awaited dreams.


The last teams standing



Brazil’s entry into the semis was never a bed of roses. They have to eliminate Chile in a heartbreaking penalty shootout and withstand the strength of the Colombian squad.


Unfortunately, the win against Colombia came with a heavy price. A few minutes before the match ended, Neymar incurred a broken vertebra after a strong challenge from Colombia’s Camilo Zuniga.
According to reports, Brazil is already preparing an ambitious plan to help Neymar compete in the semis. This is via giving the striker painkillers to alleviate the pain.


Likewise, the club has already lodged an appeal to clear team captain, Thiago Silva from the booking that he received.


With Neymar and Silva missing the semis, doubts were cast over Brazil’s possibility of securing the trophy.


Betting odds, such as the ones offered in 12BET also show that Brazil has spiraled downwards in the betting ranking. Outright odds of 3.60 value them to win in the current competition.



To some, seeing Neymar and Silva sidelined already speaks of victory. However, the German squad barely downplays its opponents.


In an interview with Sebastian Schweinsteiger, he  stressed that the unfortunate scenario will make Brazil a stronger and a better force.


So far, there are no injury issues heard in Die Mannschaft’s side.


Germany is one of 12BET’s heavy favorite to win the World Cup, with outright odds valued at 3.50.



La Albiceleste takes the top spot in betting rankings. In 12BET, they are outright favorites to win the competition. Their current odds stand at 3.35.


After failing to enter the semis for several years, Argentina shall not waste the opportunity to snatch another World Cup trophy. Lionel Messi has been impressive throughout the competition’s start. Likewise, Gonzalo Higuain is back to the scoring zone.


Argentina, however, will have to deal with the absence of Angel Di Maria. Di Maria suffered a thigh injury during the club’s clash against Belgium.



Netherlands has been the center of attention not only for their powerful display on the pitch, but also because of the tactical acumen of manager Louis van Gaal.


In the squad’s last two (2) matches, it was van Gaal’s impressive strategy that helped the team make it through the semis.


The Oranjes were the runner-up of the 2010 World Cup and they will not forego the chances of taking the World Cup trophy at home.


The world cup matches of the quarter-finals were never easy and these teams will risk their lives—all in the name of national pride and honor.




Image Source: Belfast Telegraph

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