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2014 World Cup Aftermath: Underdog Costa Rica Bids World Cup Goodbye

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Underdog Costa Rica Bids World Cup Goodbye

Costa Rica, the underdog that rocked every world cup match it participated, left the competition with its head held high.


Despite settling for the quarter-finals, La Sele had nothing to be ashamed of as their impressive performance showed how beautiful football is,



Although they are tagged as the competition’s underdog, Costa Rica showed that they can bite.


In their last match, they proved that not even the strong Netherlands can easily thrash them in the tournament. As a matter of fact, they even pushed the Oranjes to their limits.


After a grueling 90-minute bout, the Costa Rican defence never waned. Instead, it grew even stronger, when they forced Netherlands to play for yet another 30 minutes.


Costa Rica soon found themselves in a nerve-wrecking penalty shootout—the very same scenario in which they secured an easy triumph against the Greek squad. Sadly, a determined Tim Krul ensured that Netherlands will be the one to advance.


Where it went wrong

La Sele gave their very best in the competition. They were superior in terms of their technique. However, too much pressure prevented them from coping with the mind games played by their Dutch opponent.


Onward to 2018

A bright future lies ahead of the Costa Rican squad. Considering the fact that it was just their fourth appearance, making it to the quarter-finals is a humongous success that every La Sele member and supporter should be proud of and should they continue to develop and improve, rest assured that they will be no longer take the competition’s underdog.


Image Source: Telegraph

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