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2014 World Cup Aftermath: A Samurai’s Path To Defeat

2014 World Cup Aftermath: A Samurai’s Path To Defeat

Japan was the first squad to seal its World cup berth in the finals. The qualifying round was never an easy route, but the Blue Samurai’s superb performance booked their ticket to Brazil.


With how they handled their qualifiers, many expected Japan to pull off a stronger finish, only to end up with a heavy heart.



When Keisuke Honda scored and took the lead against Ivory Coast, the squad was on the verge of creating an upset against the world cup bettingfavorite. However, it all changed when Didier Drogba set up the pace for the Elephants. His entry produced the equalizer and the winning goal of the clash.


Indeed, it was disappointing, But Japan still has two (2) matches left to recover. It earned its first point in the tournament when Greece held it to an even steven finish. Yet, a stalemate was just a premonition of its inevitable defeat. Japan soon surrendered to Colombia in its last match.


Where it went wrong

Alberto Zaccheroni took full responsibility of Japan’s exit in the competition. He stressed that his tactics as well as his substitution choices were key to the defeat they suffered.


However, to put all the blame to Zaccheroni is unfair. After all, football, just like any sport is not a one-man match.


During the group stage, it is fair to say that Japan did a strong start. The match against Ivory Coast proved that they are able to take full control. Sadly, it is the goals, which determine the match’s result. Japan had plenty of scoring opportunities. The squad was prolific enough to orchestrate plays that could have saved them from elimination. Yet, they have a hard time, converting.


The difficulty in converting opened avenues for their opponents—which, gladly seize the moment to turn the odds into their favor.


Japan sports many world-class players. However, they need to be more clinical in order to exploit the opportunities that come along their way.


Onward to 2018

After four (4) long years, Zaccheroni left his post. It was a sad departure. Nevertheless, the good side of this separation is that better and bigger things will soon come. According to reports, Javier Aguirre will take the post that Zaccheroni left.




Image Source:  O.Canada

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