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2014 World Cup Aftermath: The Gli Azzurri’s Demise

2014 World Cup Aftermath: The Gli Azzurri’s Demise

It is such a shame that the Italian squad can only last until the Group Stage after dominating the 2006 World Cup. This decadent cycle continued during their last two (2) consecutive appearances (2010 and 2014) and their only consolation was staying a little bit longer this year.



Italy was praised for a superb performance after dominating the match against England. It sparked hopes of clinching another silverware, not until Costa Rica stunned them in their second match. Many expected the world cup bettingfavorite to recover, but the match against Uruguay ended in their defeat and a bite mark from Luis Suarez.


Where it went wrong

The Gli Azzurri had a strong start in the competition. Led by the so-called “magician” of Italian football, Andrea Pirlo’s creativity helped the squad counter England’s attempts and as much as possible, convert every turnover that they get. At the end of the day, it was Cesare Prandelli’s men, which emerged as the better team.


However, although they dominated the match, the pitfalls and shortcomings in defence were already apparent and unfortunately, set aside. Such dilemmas were already felt in friendlies where they participated.  Struggling to seal a win, the defence already screams for a major overhaul. Yet, as mentioned, this issue remained on the sidelines.


The result of the above-mentioned scenario paid dividends—but  not to Italy’s advantage. Instead, the said loophole was readily exploited by their opponents. Costa Rica was the first to notice and so right after the first-half, a sudden change of tactics opened opportunities for Bryan Ruiz to score and steal the limelight from the former World Cup champion.


The match against Uruguay saw the Azzurris put their game face on. The said encounter will determine their fate in the tournament and there is no turning back. Prandelli let Ciro Immobile and Mario Balotelli play together. But the lack of familiarity regarding their playing styles did not yield the necessary result and was even aggravated when Luis Suarez indulged in his famous biting spree.  Suarez was soon punished for biting Giorgio Chielleni.


But at the end of the day, Uruguay advanced into the Round of 16, thus, leaving Italy to be content with their Group Stage appearance.


Onward to 2018

Cesare Prandelli resigned immediately after Italy’s exit. It is a bit depressing to know that after four (4) years of success, Prandelli had to wave the  white flag. Nevertheless, as it has always been said— a departure will open a space for something bigger and better.


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