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2014 World Cup Aftermath: The Fall Of The Taeguk Warriors

2014 World Cup Aftermath: The Fall Of The Taeguk Warriors

Next to Japan, South Korea is one of the squads from Asia that is expected to feature in the 2014 World Cup. They exhibited an impressive performance during the qualifiers, but during the actual competition, the warriors became fallen soldiers as their opponents thrashed them mercilessly.




South Korea ignited all hopes of advancing into the Round of 16  when they forced the then heavy favorite of world cup betting tips, Russia to a stalemate. Yet, all their hopes were immediately destroyed when a sudden shift in Algeria’s tactics, tore them into pieces. With their last match pitted against the dark horse, Belgium, the squad attempted to score their first win. However, their efforts did not pay off.


Where it went wrong

Despite Hong-Myung Bo’s experience in working with veteran World Cup managers, it cannot be denied that he was still a novice in the competition. The squad’s head honcho needs more opportunity and exposure to test and develop his managerial abilities. It may not be an easy path, but surely, this will help him formulate better strategies and tactics on and off the pitch.


Bo’s decision to include players, who have a limited playing time in their respective leagues, barely delivered the expected results. It  did little to help the squad. The time they spent in the bench denied them the opportunity to use their talents and improve their skills.


It is also evident that the Taeguk Warriors had a hard time building and playing their own kind of football—something that can counter the playing style of their opponents. They were a bit hesitant to take risks and opted to remain in their comfort zones. Although this is purely logical and majority of the participants would also go for their comfort zone, South Korea was unable to create scoring opportunities that could have handed them the victories they need.


Onward to 2018

With the increasing number of South Korean footballers, who invade the big European leagues, the future of the Taeguk Warriors looks promising. With better tactics and strategies, it is not impossible that they will soon transform into one of World Cup’s powerhouses.



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Image Source: ABC News

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