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2014 World Cup Aftermath: England’s Humiliating Exit

2014 World Cup Aftermath: England’s Humiliating Exit

Just when England thought that their 2010 World Cup exit was embarrassing, their current performance was even worse. The squad is one of the rock-bottom teams to leave Brazil immediately after a lackluster display.



The 2014 World Cup was unkind to England. The Three Lions went home winless and if not for sheer luck, they could have been scoreless too.


After the defeat to Italy, England struggled to clinch a victory. They were at the mercy of Uruguay and Costa Rica, refused them a chance to have a graceful exit.


Where it went wrong

England sported a young and promising squad— a certified favorite of world cup betting odds, at the start of the competition. Many of them are already making a name in the Premier League and other big leagues in Europe and the veterans have plenty of experience to offer.


Unfortunately, the “promising squad” turned out to be an illusion. According to critics, it was Roy Hodgson’s lack of tactical expertise, which wasted the great amount of talent and skills present in the team. The Three Lion’s head honcho was questioned in terms of the strategies and decisions he employed on the pitch. Moreover, Hodgson was said to fail in bringing out the best in every player.


Yet, to put all the blame to Hodgson is quite unfair. The squad has other problems such as Wayne Rooney’s scoring difficulty etc., which contributed to their early exit. However, it cannot be denied that Hodgson, as the squad’s manager should have resolved the issues before it escalated and caused more troubles.


Onward to 2018

It is still a long way to go for England. But with the potential shown by its young players, there is no doubt that the squad could soon transform into a certified powerhouse.


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Image Source: Today Online


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