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2014 World Cup Aftermath: Ecuador’s Near Miss

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Ecuador’s Near Miss

Ecuador had a good chance of advancing into the Round of 16 had it not for Switzerland’s Xherdan Shaqiri, who hat-trick his club into the next stage of the tournament.



A near miss best describes Ecuador’s performance. They put up a good scare to Switzerland when they took the early lead. Unfortunately, its inability to keep the odds into their favor handed the victory over to the world cup betting  favorite. It was a crucial match for they could have made it to the Round of 16. They were victorious against Honduras and even forced France to a scoreless stalemate. Apparently, they could have garnered more points to help them qualify, but they fell short in getting that extra push.



Where it went wrong

Ecuador’s even steven finish against France showed their impressive defence, considering that they have to guard Karim Benzema, who is currently hooked into a scoring addiction. However, they can barely capitalized on the point they earned. At the end of the day, they are forced to leave the tournament.


The above-mentioned match greatly describes Ecuador’s performance in the competition—they had chances, but they did not convert.


Such disappointing display was evident during their first match against Switzerland. The team took the early lead. Yet, they were unable to protect it. The same thing is true in their encounter against France. The Les Bleus were already struggling to score, but none in the team took advantage of their situation.


There is this lack of cohesiveness that forced the squad to rely heavily on Christian Noboa. Also, the pre-World Cup injury it incurred was a major blow to them.


Onward to 2018

Reinaldo Rueda is the epitome of a manager who easily foregoes unfortunate events and move on.


Despite a bad decision during the match against France, Rueda decided not to talk about the matter and was even self-critical—stating that their lack of consistency during the clash against Switzerland triggered their ouster in the competition. This kind of sportsmanship, this kind of attitude reinforce the idea that Rueda should retain his post. His demeanor guarantees an improved Ecuador in the next four (4) years.


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Image Source: The Sun

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