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2014 World Cup Aftermath: Curtains Fall On USA

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Curtains Fall On USA

Despite USA’s disappointing exit, its roster of current players, if honed and developed, promises a brighter future for the squad.



USA survived Ghana’s scare when they outlasted the Black Stars during their first match in the competition. A loss could have given Ghana the record of beating them thrice in the tournament, yet, they have managed to break the curse.


The squad looked to be in control during their clash against Portugal. They took the lead, but a determined Cristiano Ronaldo scored the equalizer. Despite the defeat, USA showed that they should be one of the favorites of world cup betting tips.  They threatened Germany  in their last Group Stage match, but to no avail. Nevertheless, they were able to advance to the Round of 16, only to experience a heartbreaking loss to the competition’s dark horse, Belgium.


Where it went wrong

USA’s shortage of players that can play world-class football can be considered as its Achilles’ heel. This is not to say that the lads did not deliver. They just had a hard time in keeping up with their respective counterparts. The squad needs to be more creative and clinical.


On a closer look, USA managed to pull off scoring opportunities that could have helped them advance easily. However, the lack of technique in converting such opportunities, kept them at the sidelines and struggling for a possible win or at the very least, a draw.


Ghana almost knocked them off if not for John Anthony Brooks’ header. They almost took the victory against Portugal, but a resilient Ronaldo ensured his squad of a graceful exit. And while it is true that they gave Germany a scare, the Germans simply shrugged it off.


Overall, USA’s 2014 World Cup stint was a series of near misses, what ifs and could have been.


Onward to 2018

USA’s performance, although it fell short, showed that tons of potential. They already have the technique. But they need to build on the players of today if they aspire for a brighter future in football.



Image Source: Vavel

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