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2014 World Cup Aftermath: The Bold And Brave Greeks

2014 World Cup Aftermath: The Bold And Brave Greeks

Greece’s late comeback paved way for its dramatic entrance into the Round of 16. It was a historic moment knowing that they had an early exit during the 2010 World Cup.


Unfortunately, Greece’s jubilation was short-lived. The match against Costa Rica did not end in their favor. They had another late rally, which resulted to a game extension and when the two refused to throw the white towel, it was Costa Rica’s proficiency during penalties that sent them home.



Greece lost their first match in the competition to Colombia, which thrashed them with three (3) goals. They were able to recover though through a stalemate against Japan. The draw gave them hopes of advancing into the Round of 16 and true enough, they outlasted a more experienced Ivory Coast to continue their stay in Brazil.


Pitted against Costa Rica, the Greeks made a late rally, which soon resulted into a dramatic penalty shoot-out. Costa Rica won the said ordeal.


Where it went wrong

All squads have its shortcomings in huge competitions and Greece is not exempt from it.


Greece had a slow start at the onset of the tournament. It greeted the tournament with a loss from Colombia. Winning the first match is crucial as it will determine the group’s pace in their succeeding matches. But instead of burying themselves into regrets and frustrations, Greece took the opportunity to display their admirable team spirit. They forced Japan to a draw, defeated Ivory Coast, advanced to the Round of 16 and suffered another loss when they fought Costa Rica.


Apparently, the problem with the Greek squad was its lack of consistency. The improvements they showed during their Group Stage matches are worthy of plaudits and recognition, but a winning streak could have eased or lessened the pressure they felt.


Onward to 2018

To lose in a penalty area is one of the most depressing way to exit a football tournament and this is what Greece experienced. However, despite their inconsistent performance during the competition’s first leg, it cannot be denied that Greece showed class.


The 2014 World Cup was Greece’s third appearance in the most awaited football tournament, but the determination they showed is unquestionable. They were one of the least favorites of world cup betting tips, but still, they managed to deliver something better than what they did in 2010.


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