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2014 World Cup Aftermath: Algeria’s Graceful Exit Inspires

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Algeria’s Graceful Exit Inspires

Algeria may be initially tagged as the competition’s weakest link. But their performance during the Round of 16, made Germany bled. The Dessert Foxes lost. However, what they had was a graceful exit.



Considering the fact that Algeria was grouped with Russia, gave the impression that they will be the first team to be eliminated.


But much to the surprise of many, they lasted longer than the defending champion, Spain and even made a shocking entry into the Round of 16. Algeria became the last hope of the participants from the African region, yet, it was Germany, which advanced to the quarter-finals.


Where it went wrong

It can be safely said that the only reason for Algeria’s exit in the Round of 16 was their inexperience. The squad was considered as the competition’s minnow—the least favorite of world cup betting odds and to see them survive the Group Stage and advance is already an achievement. As a matter of fact, it is their biggest achievement since they entered the competition in 1966.


Algeria boasts a roster of players, who elicit a great amount of potential. But they can maximized it further via making themselves more available in international friendlies. Such exposure is crucial. It gives them a glimpse or a taste of how other national squads play and tackle on the pitch. They may not always win, but the experience will give them more grit, tooth and courage.


Prior to the World Cup, Pele warned that Algeria can make a great surprise. And indeed, it was not only a surprise that the Dessert Foxes delivered, they gave a huge shock.


Onward to 2018

Advancing in the Round of 16 has been Algeria’s biggest World Cup achievement. They may have consistency issues, but still, they were able to perform better than other clubs, which had an early exit.


A bright future awaits the Dessert Foxes, considering what they have accomplished in this tournament. Moving forward, rest assured that this squad shall be one of the strongest forces that World Cup will witness in the next four (4) years.


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Image Source: Euro Sport

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