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World Cup (Group Stage) Match Preview: Italy vs. Uruguay

World Cup (Group Stage) Match Preview: Italy vs. Uruguay

Match Date: 24 June 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Arena das Dunas, Natal

(Featured Image: Uruguay | Source: FIFA)


This battle will be a make-or-break situation for both Italy and Uruguay, who each received three points from their past two matches to rank in the table’s mid-sections.



A goalless defeat from Costa Rica seemed like Group D’s most shocking result in the competition. Italy were triumphant from their battle against England 1-2 but fell short of a truly spectacular attacking power in their battle against the CONCACAF giants following a failed attempt at the net and one goal painfully conceded. The Italians were the original favorites in the group, having been the World Cup champions for four non-consecutive editions—the most for any UEFA team. Costa Rica, meanwhile, have only reached the Round of 16 as their best result and were never seen to top the group. The 1-0 result meant that the Central Americans have just received berth to the next round while Italy have yet to work on many things to secure their seeding to the knockout stage.



Despite their ugly curtain raiser, Uruguay managed to regain glory following their momentous win 0ver England. EPL’s top scorer and one of the world’s best finishers Luis Suarez proved that he is a major threat to any World Cup team. He has yet to fully recover from his injury but still, he successfully pulled off a spectacular brace that sent the Uruguayans into a possible seeding in the Round of 16. The side have to turn a one-goal deficit around to clear their score sheet from unwanted digits. Thus, winning in their next (and last Group stage) battle will be extremely important.


World Cup betting tip: Italy and Uruguay will share the points, with the former advancing through the next round via goal difference.3


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