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World Cup Round of 16 Match Preview: Brazil vs. Chile

World Cup Round of 16 Match Preview: Brazil vs. Chile

Match Date: 28 June 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte

(Featured Image: Chile | Source: FIFA)


Between Brazil and Chile, the former may have scored the better results in the Group stage. However, the latter’s historic victory over Spain proved how much firepower they have brought to the world arena this year.



Fitness is not a problem for Scolari’s squad and with the likes of Neymar consistently delivering results, Brazil is assured of a strong squad to battle out in the Round of 16. There is, however, a possible change in the original first XI. Some of the least effective players will have to be replaced by those from the benches who might actually perform better in the pitch.


Brazil were never defeated in all of their five matches this year, including their last three in the World Cup. They may have drawn with Mexico in their second fixture at the FIFA tournament but it did very little to stop the team from reaching the table’s summit. Their performances against Croatia and more recently, Cameroon, were outstanding. Neymar scored four times in those tourneys.



The Chileans broke a personal record in the World Cup, having been able to defeat defending champions Spain for the very first time in their recent history. They also eliminated their European rivals from the World Cup as early as the first round, inflicting Spain a very embarrassing farewell in the competition. In their group, Chile ranked second to the Netherlands, with two wins and one defeat on the record.


Sampaoli is not expected to change his starting lineup and use the same set of players that brought down Spain. The side also have a very strong fan base which will further give them motivation to display good football.


World Cup betting tip: The teams will engage in a thrilling and very entertaining encounter, but Brazil will eventually steal all three points from Chile.

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