FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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World Cup Round of 16 Match Preview: Argentina vs. Switzerland

World Cup Round of 16 Match Preview: Argentina vs. Switzerland

Match Date: 01 July 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Arena de São Paulo, São Paulo

(Featured Image: Argentina | Source: FIFA)


In Messi and Shaqiri, Argentina and Switzerland (respectively) have reliable scorers to keep a quarter-final aspiration intact. However, only one of them can book the ticket. The sides have already brawled a few times in the past and the South American sides had the lion’s share of the victories.



Albiceleste earned all the nine points in the Group stage, proving that they are among the best picks to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The gigantic success is mainly attributed to top seed Lionel Messi, who scored four out of the six goals they netted (one was an own goal from the opponents) in their first-round encounters. The side’s first victory was relatively easy but their second and third successes were quit disproportionate on some measures. A late goal against Iran secured Argentina a clean sheet in their penultimate Group stage battle—after a full 90-minute display of a goalless deadlock. In their last fixture, they almost shared the points with Nigeria after Messi’s brace was spectacularly equalized by Musa. Rojo, however, was able to net the decisive goal.



Mehmedi, Seferovic, Dzemaili, and Xhaka all scored for Switzerland (the first two on a winning result against Ecuador and the remainder in a 2-5 rout from France) but it was Shaqiri who earned the most attention after scoring a hat-trick (the only goals in the match) against Honduras in their final battle for Group E. The “Alpine Messi” answered all criticisms thrown against him with this spectacular performance and is now the one to watch amongst the Swiss players. Schweizer Nati in general play with undeniable organization but their back-line could become a little rusty and the opposition’s attackers can take advantage of this to establish dominance.


World Cup betting tip: Argentina will dominate possession while Switzerland may find opportunities on through balls. But as with the majority of their past matches, the Argentinians will emerge as the better players.

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