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U17 World Cup Match Previews: The Quarterfinals (Honduras, Sweden, Argentina, Ivory Coast)

U17 World Cup Match Previews: The Quarterfinals (Honduras, Sweden, Argentina, Ivory Coast)

Sweden can etch their name in football history should they enter the semis. Not only will this be their most successful appearance in the tournament, it also opens an opportunity to bring home the title. As for Argentina, this will be their chance to overcome the glass ceiling that seems to prevent them from overcoming the quarterfinals. Hopefully, this is also the squad’s chance to secure the silverware and be as successful as their senior squad.


Honduras vs. Sweden Preview


Match Date: 01 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Al Ain City


Team Form


Jorge Bodden became Honduras’ instant hero as the substitute pulled off a late winning goal to help the squad advance in the quarterfinals.


In another down the wire match, Bodden proved that everything is possible in football. Amidst the long rally of failed shots and spectacular saves, Bodden ensured that Honduras will be one of the tournament’s top contenders in the competition when he converted Eder Velasquez’s swift pass.


Honduras were the runner up in their group, flaunting a win, a defeat and a draw. Its recent match against Uzbekistan became the squad’s rite of passage into the quarterfinals.


Pitted against Sweden, the club acknowledged their opponent’s strengths, but stressed that their “pace” will bring them to the semis.



A certified debutant of the competition, Sweden just made history after a triumph against Japan helped them advance into the quarterfinals. Roland Larson looks into the possibility of clinching the title, but they have to eliminate Honduras first.


Paired against one of the heavy favorites, Japan, the Swedes did not allow the pressure to affect their performance. As a matter of fact, they maintained their lead and outlasted the Japanese in the competition. Valmir Berisha and Gustav Engvall were the men behind Sweden’s winning goals.





World Cup betting tip: Honduras 1-2 Sweden

Indeed, there is a high possibility for Sweden to clinch the title in this tournament. Although they finished 3rd in their group, they have survived the matches pitted against equally aggressive squads. However, they should be wary of Honduras’ pace as this might just be their waterloo.




Image Source: Vanguard




Argentina vs. Ivory Coast Preview


Match Date: 02 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Sharjah



A familiar face in the quarterfinals, Albiceleste put a stop to Tunisia’s U17 World Cup rally as goals from German Ferreyra, Joaquin Ibanez and Sebastian Driussi snatched the victory against Tunisia.


Argentina’s entry in the quarterfinals should not come as a surprise. The team has been in this stage for several times now and it seemed that they cannot get past this round. Although they are  one of the strongest contenders in the competition, the U17 trophy continues to elude the Argentinian camp.




Ivory Coast

A heated rematch of the CAF African championship semis was witnessed in the match between Ivory Coast and Morocco. But this time around, the squad competed for a more prestigious title and apparently, the Ivorians emerged as the victorious camp.


An early goal from Franck Kessie and a late goal from Junior Ahissan outlasted the Moroccan squad in their bid for the quarterfinals slot. Morocco tried to equalize when Younes Bnou Marzoul converted a goal on the 60th. Yet, as mentioned,  Ahissan’s goal sealed Morocco’s fate.


It has been more than a decade since Ivory Coast snatched a trophy in this competition. It was in 1987 when they finished on the 3rd spot. Now that they have another chance, the squad looks forward to a much stronger finish.


World Cup betting tip: Argentina 2-1 Ivory Coast

Argentina has been more successful than Ivory Coast in terms of their U17  World Cup feats. Nevertheless, with the Ivorians’s sleek and quick pace, they put up a threat against the Argentinian dream of bringing home the silverware.





Image Source: Parseed

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