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U17 World Cup Match Previews: The Quarterfinals (Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Nigeria)

U17 World Cup Match Previews: The Quarterfinals (Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Nigeria)

Mexico defied the odds and flashed a winning spirit to defend their title against 3-time U17 champions Brazil. On the other hand, Uruguay will try to have their revenge and finally, their hold of the silverware as they advance to the quarterfinals. But with Nigeria’s unstoppable and relentless scoring attacks, La Celeste shall have a difficult time in avenging themselves.


Brazil vs. Mexico Preview


Match Date: 01 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Dubai


Team Form


Russia’s resilience was no match against Brazil’s late rally as the squad pulled off a strong finish to enter the quarterfinals.


The late goals coming from Mosquito and Boschilia ensured that Brazil would advance into the latter stage of the current competition. But it was never an easy victory, though.


The Russians stood up to the challenge and denied the crowd favorite and upcoming World Cup hosts, several times. Anton Mitryushkin, Russia’s reliable goalkeeper prevented Mosquito’s attempt during the first half and so was Boschillia’s header.


Unfortunately, Russia’s defence wall crumbled and Mosquito, upon seeing an opportunity, fired the match’s first goal on the 72nd. Another shot followed on the 80th. But this time around, it was from Boschillia.


Unwilling to throw the white towel, Russia’s Aleksandr Makarov netted a crucial goal on the dying minutes of the match. Yet, Boschillia was quick to answer with another goal, which guaranteed Brazil’s sweet victory.


Brazil has been consistent since the start of the tournament—scoring an average of 3 goals per match. Against Russia, the club had a hard time clinching a win. But in the end, they were able to bounce back into their scoring spree and move forward to the next stage.



Amidst all doubts of having an early exit, El Tri proved their naysayers wrong after keeping a clean sheet against the Italians.


The Azzurrini had the initial opportunity to score their first goal. However, Federico Dimarco’s attempt was a futile one. Mexico’s Ulises Jaimes also had his chance to collect points for El Tri, yet, just like Dimarco, his effort did not yield any result.


It was not until Alejandro Diaz fired a successful shot, which gave the lead to the Mexicans. Several minutes before the final whistle, Ivan Ochoa added another point to the squad, which eventually, helped them advance to the quarterfinal.


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Mexico’s journey in the  U-17 was never a bed of roses. Nigeria thrashed them with a 6-1 victory during their opening match and they had to go against the aggressive Sweden. Yet, amidst the challenges, the squad remained strong and is now looking forward to defending their title.


World Cup betting tip: Brazil 2-1 Mexico

Expect a down the wire match between the two. As both squads have had their share of winning the coveted silverware, both teams will refuse to give way. Nevertheless, if one has to assess in terms of their experience and success in the tournament, definitely, the crowd favorite, Brazil will be stealing the spotlight and advance further in the competition.



Image Source: CONCACAF



Uruguay vs. Nigeria Preview


Match Date: 01 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Sharjah



La Celeste came out strong after their match against Slovakia, thus, earning a spot in the quarterfinals.


Contrary to its previous matches, Uruguay did not have to go through another late rally to secure a victory. Against Slovakia, it was Fabian Coito’s boys, which grabbed the early lead and ended in their inevitable victory. It was the usual heroes of the club, Leandro Otormin, Kevin Mendez and Franco Acosta, who scored Uruguay’s winning goals.


Slovakia, on the other hand, refused to surrender easily. Tomas Vestenicky and Michal Siplak tried to counter Uruguay’s attack, yet, they ran out of time.


La Celeste is one of the strong forces to grace the competition. In 2011, they were Mexico’s runners-up and the squad is determined to clinch the trophy this time around. Compared to other squads, Uruguay has the least number of goals conceded in the competition. This highlights the club’s scoring prowess and at the same time, their impenetrable defence.



Consider the competition incomplete without the Golden Eaglets. Manu Garba and his boys are taking the world by storm via advancing into the quarterfinals when it trounced Iran in a 4-1 victory.


Nigeria has been sending tremors in the pitch the moment they stepped into the tournament. Not only did they easily thrashed their opponents, they are also best remembered for the scoring spree that they displayed.


They scored 6 goals against Mexico, 5 during their Iraq encounter and most recently, 4 against Iran. In general, the squad averages 4 goals per match.


With their current performance, Manu stressed that their club’s attacking maneuvers, still, requires an improvement. Given this aspect at hand, Nigeria has transformed into one of the highest goal scoring squads in the tournament.




World Cup betting tip: Nigeria 2-3 Uruguay

With both squads proving that they deserve to advance in the tournament, choosing the better team is a bit difficult. What is certain though is that there will be a series of goal exchanges. The face-off is now determined by the club, which has a better defence. Evidently, in this case, it is La Celeste, which perfectly fits into such description.





Image Source: Osundefender

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