FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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U17 Honduras vs. Brazil: Brazil’s Winning Goals And A Mosquito

U17 Honduras vs. Brazil: Brazil’s Winning Goals And A Mosquito

Match Date: 23 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Ras Al-Khaimah


Mosquito and the rest of the Brazilian squad make a loud buzz as they face Honduras. The squad looks forward to clinching another victory as they advance in the U-17 World Cup matches.


Team Form



With their massive display of determination, it will be a futile feat to stop the country from advancing in the competition.


Their first show of strength was witnessed when they trampled over the hosts, UAE. Despite the latter’s hard pressing and dominance during the first half, Honduras’ late from behind rally earned them the victory.


Fredy Medina scored the squad’s first goal, only to be countered by the host’s Khaled Khalfan. Nevertheless, the relentless Brayan Velasquez pulled off a winning goal, a few minutes before the final whistle.


Honduras’ most recent display of international competitiveness was seen during the match against Slovakia. Goals from Rembrandt Flores and of course, Jorge Bodden secured the equalizer when Slovakia’s Tomas Vestenicky showed off an unstoppable force on the pitch.



Brazil proved why they are one of the heavy favorites in the tournament. Scoring at more than 3 goals in every encounter, beating Brazil may lead an opponent to a difficult route.


Against the host, they fired 6 goals courtesy of Boschilia, Nathan, Joanderson and Gabriel.


The team repeated history when they thrashed Slovakia with the same number of goals. Once again, Nathan found his way on the scoring line, Caio also contributed and most of all, the sensational Mosquito flaunted his pitch stunts during the match.



Honduras 2-5 Brazil

It is hard to imagine Brazil not winning this match. However, it is a lot unimaginable to see them score less than 5 goals. With their clinical finish and easy breezy way of scoring, there is no question to Brazil’s expected victory in this encounter.


Image Source: Sport 360

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