FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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U-17’s Battle For Third: Sweden vs. Argentina

U-17’s Battle For Third: Sweden vs. Argentina

Sweden vs. Argentina Preview


Match Date: 08 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Abu Dhabi


Team Form


Sweden has been one of the strongest squads since the beginning of the competition. In the group stage, they are the only squad, which forced Nigeria to settle for a draw.


Fast and known for their squad’s depth, Sweden’s inexperience did not prevent them from vying a medal in the competition. Yes, this is their first appearance in the tournament. But their maneuvers in the pitch were akin to that of a veteran participant. As a matter of fact, even the heavy favorite Japan, which also happened to be a familiar face in the competition, surrendered to the Swedish might.


The match against Nigeria—the bid for a spot in the finals served as the culmination of their “unfinished” business. Indeed, they were defeated. Yet, the exit in the final came with class and high respect.


The rookies—the newbies of this competition has already made history and apparently, they want such reputation to last and perhaps one of the best ways to make a lasting impression is to secure the third spot and outlast another equally aggressive contender, Argentina.



Argentina’s strong run in the tournament takes them to the battle for third place. The club had an impressive performance in the group stage where they disappointed Iran, Canada and Austria.


Moving forward to the second stage, the squad defeated Tunisia and qualified for the quarterfinals. Pitted against Ivory Coast, Argentina’s undefeated record continued until Mexico snatched the coveted championship spot.


Argentina is not just a regular face in the competition. They are one of the strongest and have brought home major awards such as winning the 3rd spot in 1991, 1995 and 2003.


Their appearance in the third place playoff has been their best since 2007 where they seemed to have been stuck in the quarterfinals and group stage.



World Cup betting tip: Sweden 2-3 Argentina


Argentina’s main thrust is their experience in the competition. Sweden will definitely pull off a good fight and trigger a thrilling encounter.






Image Source: ESPN

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