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Sweden And Republic Of Ireland Face-Off Might End In A Draw

Sweden And Republic Of Ireland Face-Off Might End In A Draw

Match date: 07 September 2013

Venue: Dublin


The Sweden-Republic of Ireland face-off promises to be one of the most anticipated world cup matches. Both teams, along with Austria are tied at 2nd place and it looks like aggregate scoring shall determine the teams that shall enter Brazil.


Current scenario

Blågult and The Green Army both have 11 points. Likewise, they have the same number of wins losses and draws. Each team won thrice, drew twice and lost once. Due to this, the most probable result that one can come up with is a draw, unless the aggregate scores are duly considered.
Should aggregate scores serve as the basis of picking the favorite, this will immediately go for Sweden. The latter has 4 compared to Republic Of Ireland’s 2.


Sweden Or Republic Of Ireland? Or draw?


Going into the qualifiers, the Swedish force is incomplete without the celebrated striker, Zlatan Ibrahimović. With only 15 minutes left into the match, Paris St. Germain’s star, saved the Blågult for Faroe Island’s assault.


Ibrahimović’s name resonates with scoring and his mere presence, sends tremor into the pitch.


Nevertheless, the Green Army is far from being intimidated for it has Robbie Keane. Under the same opponent (Faroe Islands), Keane scored a hat-trick that ended in the Republic of Ireland’s victory.


It is also worthy to mention that the only draw result stated in Sweden and Republic of Ireland’s performance record, transpired when they met last March. Ibrahimović was on a scoring attack, but Republic of Ireland’s David Forde, denied him.


With both teams possessing reliable strikers, it becomes more feasible to capitalize on a draw. Yet, this goes only for the match.


The aggregate scoring is pivotal when choosing which of these teams are “technically” qualified to enter Maracana.




Photo Credit: Eircom


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