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Ronaldinho, Jo And Barnard, Set To Feature In Club World Cup

Ronaldinho, Jo And Barnard, Set To Feature In Club World Cup

Atletico Mineiro’s Copa Libertadores bid was a certified Cinderella story. The club trailed Olimpia and eventually, emerged as the victors of the highly anticipated match.  In the upcoming Club World Cup, they are also one of online betting’s heavy favorites.


The first fall

Copa Libertadores follows a 2-legged championship encounter. In the event where there is a tie, aggregate scores determine the winner and if there is another stalemate, the results of the penalty kick  decide the winner.
Unfortunately, for the Galos, they were on the losing side during the first encounter. Olimpia scored 2 goals and kept a clean sheet against them. The situation could have been easily addressed if they were able to equalize, or at the very least scored. A single goal can do wonders since it creates a buffer zone that will safeguard a club from automatic elimination. Also, it posits the possibility of overcoming the odds during the 2nd leg.


Turning the tide

The 2nd leg of the finals saw the Galos’ rise. They exacted their revenge via scoring 2 goals and also keeping a clean sheet against Olimpia. A stalemate in the results meant that it is the penalty that shall determine the winning club.


Herminio Miranda took Olimpia’s first shot, but Victor denied him. Each takers of the club took the shot until Matias Gimenez’s failed penalty handed the trophy to Galos.


Into the Club World Cup

Once again, the Brazilian outfit shall prove why they are CONMEBOL’s reigning champ. Expect the strong and creative Ronaldinho to be one of the club’s formidable forces and pillars. Along with him is Bernard, Jo, Victor, Rever and Tardelli. But of course, the whole squad is never complete without the presence of the trailblazer head honcho, Cuca.




Image Source: Sports Illustrated

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