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Revenge, Redemption And Glory, Marc Wilmots’ Share Of Belgian Success

Revenge, Redemption And Glory, Marc Wilmots’ Share Of Belgian Success

Marc Wilmots was not really the top pick in as far as managing the Belgian squad is concerned. If one has to put it within the context of world cup betting, he is not the heavy favorite and if only public opinion can appoint football managers, he will be definitely, sidelined.


However, a defining win against Croatia during the qualifiers proved Wilmots’ detractors wrong. Certainly, the man knows how to seek the sweetest revenge and claim redemption. To survive the qualifiers and to even develop a strong reputation for the squad is never an easy feat. It takes time, effort and of course, tons of pressure.


Wilmots’ entry into the national football squad was welcomed with criticisms. At the time of his appointment, his managerial experience was immediately questioned. There is no doubt that he is an excellent player, but that does not necessarily translate to being a great coach. Such notions about his abilities to lead the squad can be attributed to his disappointing performances at Schalke 04 and Sint-Truiden.


In Bundesliga, he was immediately sacked after a 4-month stint. He stayed a bit longer at  Sint-Truiden, but his stay hardly made an impact in the club. But all things happen for a reason. Perhaps, fate has it that he goes through such difficult times to prepare him for something greater and bigger.


Without any hesitation he took full responsibility of the Red Devils and much to the surprised of many, the squad finished on top of its group and booked its ticket to Brazil.


Under his tutelage, he rallied for a well-structured defending and fast counterattacking. With such approach, the squad was able to formulate scoring opportunities and at the same time, take pride of its possession percentage.


The said tactic also enabled Wilmots to put into good use the individual skills of his talented players. This explains why the squad is dubbed as the competition’s dark horse. It is also said to be the golden generation of the Belgian squad. With the likes of Eden Hazard, Vincent Komapny, Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaine, to name a few, there is no doubt that the Red Devils is one of the strong contenders for this upcoming tournament.


As for Wilmots, the criticisms he received before were invaluable inspiration sources and so are his role as former captain of the squad. He may have faltered in the past. But certainly, he is making the most out of this golden opportunity.


Love him or hate him, Marc Wilmots is here to stay.


Image Source: Integraal

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