FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Senegal vs. Ukraine

Senegal  vs. Ukraine

Online betting odds favor Senegal in the awaited Beach Soccer Tournament. Senegal, which is determined to end its quarterfinals spell, manifests high possibility of winning over another beach soccer hopeful, Ukraine.
Senegal is one of the heavy favorites to participate in FIFA’s upcoming beach soccer tournament.
A walk down the memory lane shows that Senegal is a familiar face of the competition. After reaching the quarterfinals in 2007, the squad failed to make an impression in 2008. France beat them during the penalty, which ended in a disappointing defeat.
In 2011, Senegal made it again to the Beach Soccer World Cup. But the squad did not advance into the finals.
This year, they have the chance to break the quarterfinals spell that has been preventing them from etching their names into the Beach Soccer history. Amidst the sand and the scorching heat of the sun, expect Senegal to put up a down the wire match against its equally aggressive opponents.
Ukraine is another formidable force to watch out for in the beach soccer tournament. The team is yet to make a name in this tournament, but their performance during the qualifiers generated a loud buzz.
So far, their best stint in the tournament was clinching the 6th spot. While they were unable to reach the quarterfinals, the team’s improvement, coupled with their strong moves in the pitch manifests a great force that each and every team should be wary of,
The verdict: Senegal to score by 2 goals
It is a bit early to tell which between Senegal and Ukraine shall emerge as the tournament’s victor. As the old adage says, everything is possible in football.
However, a comparison of the team’s past performance shows that Senegal has the advantage over Ukraine. The latter is not new to the mechanics of the competition and they have have been a dominant force in this arena.
Last May, the squad just earned its 3rd  African Beach Soccer trophy. There is no doubt that they still have the momentum. Amadou Diop disclosed that he will most likely use the same set of players when entering the prestigious tournament.
Against Ukraine, expect Senegal to be more aggressive. They can no longer afford to miss the opportunity of clinching World Cup’s Beach Soccer silverware. One should also keep an eye on Pape Koukpaki as he will most likely fire plenty of goals in the said competition.
Match Date: 18 September 2013 (local time)
Venue: Papeete
Image Source: Beach Soccer Worldwide

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