FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Argentina vs. El Salvador

Argentina vs. El Salvador

The massive capacities of Argentina and El Salvador push  football betting odds to hardly determine the more favored side between them. Determined and aggressive, the teams shall not miss the opportunity of etching their names into the walls of history.
A frequent contender in the Beach Soccer World Cup, Argentina shall once again, try to break free from the group stage and quarter-finals spells that have been keeping them at bay in clinching the coveted silverware.
To date, their best finish was in 2006 where they snatched the 5th spot in the overall ranking. In 2011, the team made an early exit in the tournament. Such disappointing performance resulted to the return of their respective beach soccer icons such as Marcelo Salguiero and the famous Hilaire brothers.

In this year’s qualifiers, Argentina surprised many by bagging the crown and eventually, booking their ticket to Tahiti.
El Salvador
After reaching the semi-finals in 2011, El Salvador is all set to repeat history or better yet, defy all expectations when they enter the prestigious tournament. It was also in the same year when Frank Velasquez bagged the Bronze Ball and Shoe after being the competition’s third top scorer.
The above-mentioned improvement heavily influenced the team’s desire to steal the spotlight again after subsequent years of stagnating in the group stage.
The verdict
Expect Argentina and El Salvador to make waves in the tournament. Both teams are eyeing to advance in the finals and with notable improvements in their flank, it is safe to assume that neither of the two shall wave the white flag.
The return of the above-mentioned players along with the contributions of CONMEBOL’s qualifying MVP, Luciano Fracescini and so is Lucas Medero shall be Argentina’s pillar of strength and something that El Salvador should watch out for.
Relatively, El Salvador’s Frank Velasquez will be the squad’s go to guy. Aside from Velasquez, rising star Agustin Ruiz is also a major force that Argentina has to reckon with.
In such a stiff competition where neither of the teams wants to throw in the white towel, tight scoring will be inevitable. But in the end, Argentina might be able carry the day on a hard-fought, narrow triumph.
Match Date: 20 September 2013 (local time)
Venue: Papeete
Image Source: Beach Soccer Worldwide

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