FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Match Predictions: Beach Soccer World Cup Quarter-finals

Match Predictions: Beach Soccer World Cup Quarter-finals

Argentina vs. Tahiti


This year’s host are proving that they are also a force to be reckoned with. After finishing two of their three Group stage matches successfully, Tahiti climbed up in the table and raked the second spot, just behind group leaders, Spain. Equally powerful rivals, United Arab Emirates and the United States, fell prey to the Pacific islander’s sprightly tactics in the sand. Scoring a total of five points, the troupe are now headed to their quarter-finals bid.


Argentina commanded Group B with a total score of six points, which they obtained after winning in two matches and losing in one. The total score is shared with second placers, El Salvador. But with more goals netted, the Argentinians were hailed as group leaders. The last mentioned side as well as Solomon Islands both conceded to Argentina, but the Netherlands held them to a defeat after scoring fewer goals in extra time.


Online betting tip: Although they finished their matches with relative success, both Tahiti and Argentina did not have their streak in perfect shape after incurring one defeat apiece. However, when it comes to resilience and their players’ conversion abilities, the Argentinians could overtake the host nation by a few notches.


Brazil vs. Japan


Perennial champions Brazil continue their reign in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 after dominating in their group and advancing to the quarter-finals. The side led the pack with nine points to embellish their record. They have won all three matches they engaged in with other group-mates, including Iran 4-1, Ukraine 4-2, and Senegal 8-3.


Japan ranked second to Russia in their group, after completing three matches that resulted in two wins (one is via extra time) and one loss. Accumulating five points from all those matches, the troupe had the likes of Paraguay and Ivory Coast fall to their knees on the sandy grounds as they will no longer advance to the tournament’s higher stages.


Online betting tip: Between Brazil and Japan, the latter are more akin to dominating the tourney. The Latin Americans have proven to be more consistent in their performance than their Asian opponents, and are thus expected to lord this round over. The match will result in 5-3 finish, in favor of Brazil.


Match date: 25 September 2013

Venue: Tahua To’ata Stadium, Papeete


(Pictured above: Naea Bennett of Tahiti | Image source: )

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