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The Indomitable Volker Finke

The Indomitable Volker Finke

Volker Finke may have a shortage of experience when it comes to coaching African clubs. Nevertheless, there is a strong reason to believe that he is the perfect man to guide Cameroon in the 2014 World Cup.


African affinity

Finke’s arrival into the Indomitable Lions’ dugout was far from being purely coincidental. Neither was it a desperate move to ensure a series of victories. His appointment was carefully planned and orchestrated and contrary to popular belief, it was not an impulsive decision.


Prior to managing Cameroon, Finke is already known for including African footballers into SC Freiburg.
Such decision gave Finke the opportunity to learn more about how these players understand and play the so-called “beautiful game.”


Yet, Finke was never contented with merely observing within the pitch. He needed to expand his horizons and therefore indulge himself into establishing a regular visit to the region.


During his travels, he would take time to talk with the players, the coaches and officials in an attempt to uncover more of the members’ mentality towards football. His discoveries have a touch of the cultural disparities—of the division, which exists within the region and have somehow, permeated towards how the players behave and look at football.


Perhaps, such knowledge is nothing new to those who have previously handled Cameroon. But unfortunately, only Finke dared to go deeper into the “mentality” aspect, which made him stand out amidst the pack of potential candidates.


The great divide

As he stayed longer in the region—as he immersed even more, the divide became more evident to Finke.


He pointed to it as one of the most significant issues, which has prevented the Indomitable Lions from qualifying to the African Cup of Nations twice and for a dismal performance during the 2010 World Cup where the squad failed to score a single point.
Considering the fact that Cameroon is a country where football is highly revered and almost perceived as a strong religion, Finke thought of its lackluster display as something that is quite unusual.


Keen on rebuilding the squad, he started to inject the kind of playing technique that propelled SC Freiburg into its glorious Bundesliga days.


German precision in African soil


While some may argue that Finke’s position may no longer suit Cameroon due to the changing times or due to the lack of the right players for the approach, Finke defied all expectations via securing the squad’s World Cup berth this year.


The notable pillars of Finke and Cameroon’s playing style is summarized into three important points: high pressing, flexibility and probably, the most important aspect of all— team focus rather than individuals.


Finke’s approach towards a more collective approach to football, rather than focusing on individual strengths has successfully addressed the division that has been dragging the squad to the bottom.


Indeed, Finke may have lacked the coaching experience in Africa, but just like his high pressing approach to knowing the nitty-gritty of things, his flexibility of making different mentalities meet and most importantly, his strong preference for the team over the individual, has brought back the thunderous roar of the Indomitable Lions. And as the pack enters Brazil, be prepared for they are about to show in each and every World Cup match, which team is the true football king.


Image Source: Africa Top Sports

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