FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Group B World Cup Predictions

Group B World Cup Predictions


The defending champion remains as one of the strongest forces to grace the pitch in the awaited competition. This is despite doubts of their ability to defend their title after falling out to Brazil in the Confederations Cup.


Nevertheless, the club proved that they are more than the hype. The club topped its group during the qualifiers and Diego Costa’s decision to represent La Roja increases their attacking power.
Pressure and the players’ own version of private hells and fear seemed to be the only detrimental factors in their quest for a successful tittle defence.


Spain is pitted as the outright winner in their group at 12BET. They are valued to be the favorite in World Cup betting at 1.72.



Netherlands will try to avoid a repetition of their disappointing performance in 2010.


The Oranjes went against Spain in the previous World Cup competition. Spain’s narrow victory, courtesy of Andres Iniesta brought them to their knees and as if there is some twisted kind of fate, the two are back to battle it out again. The only difference is that they will be meeting at the initial stage of the tournament.


Distraught and frustrated, the squad’s head honcho, Louis van Gaal can only hope that the Champions League final will heavily affect their archrival (Spain). Gaal (assumes) that this will lessen Spain’s training time.


Netherlands is expected to emerge as the winner at 3.10 in the online bookie, 12BET.



Chile survived the qualifiers through a series of victories at home. They are the concrete representation of what it meant to have a home court advantage.
With terrains characterized by their high altitudes, combined with the pervading heat that draw the energy of every aggressive pitch warriors, Chile has managed to escape the fatal claws of their opponent.

But there are no home court advantages in Brazil. Participants are pitted to fight in neutral grounds and this brings questions regarding the strength of Chile’s attacks—a playing style, where they are highly known.


It will be great to see Chile finish in the third spot in the group for while they are seen as the better side against the Socceroos, only time can tell if Australia is willing to take the minnow’s role.


Chile gets a 5 in 12BET odds.



Australia is definitely ripe for the World Cup qualification. But in terms of team depth and pedigree of players, it is evident that it is still, a long way to go for the squad.


They may be the least favorites and is offered at a value of 53 in 12BET. But should they advance, clearly, the odds will work to the punters’ favor.

Image Source: Sports Illustrated

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