FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Group D World Cup Predictions

Group D World Cup Predictions


La Celeste sealed their World Cup berth through a 2-legged intercontinental play-off against Jordan.
Despite the fatigue factor brought by the frequent travels demanded by their international duties, the more experienced Uruguay had an easy way of breaking into the awaited competition.


As the 2-time World Cup titleholder, disregarding Uruguay in the title race is an outright disgrace. They may not be the strongest, but they are certainly, one of the great forces to watch out for.


Uruguay already had an early taste of the anticipated sporting event during the Confederations Cup. Unfortunately, they bowed out to Italy in a breathtaking penalty shootout.


Striker Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez are two familiar faces that might just bring the trophy back to the Uruguayan soil. Likewise, there is the experienced Diego Forlan, who can readily guide the club, most especially in high-pressured scenarios.
For Uruguay, 12BET offers a decent value of 2.60.



The charismatic Three Lions wooed the crowd in 1966 when they bagged their first World Cup silverware. But after more than a decade, the best performance that it can pull off was finishing on the 4th spot in 1990.


Nowadays, the lions are perceived as no more than big cats having problems with penalty shootouts. But of course, attacks from the penalty line barely determine a squad’s overall quality. However, this infamous reputation has been strongly linked to the club.


At any rate, England has impressive resumes under its wing. There is no doubt that their lineup is comprised of players known for their impeccable skills and techniques. Yet, as the old saying goes, football is won inside the pitches and is never a popularity contest. England needs to deliver. The squad needs to maximize its potential to generate results.


Unless the squad realizes that the competition is far from their ordinary Premier League, obtaining a trophy looked like a futile effort.


England stands with a 3.10 value at 12BET’s outright World Cup odds.



Surely, the 4-time World Cup champion, misses the feel of lifting the most coveted football silverware. It has been a while since they enjoyed the limelight after a sloppy performance prevented them from defending their 2006 title.


But things have changed for the Italians. The entry of Cesar Prandelli as their new head honcho enabled them to dominate their group in the qualifiers, not to mention the fac5t that Prandelli was also the man responsible for the squad’s impressive display during the 2012 Euro.
Once again, Italy showed strength at the recently concluded Confederations’ Cup where they stole the spotlight from Uruguay. Giving them more power is the leadership of team captain, Gian Luigi Buffon and of course, the experience of Andrea Pirlo. Both players were able to carry the squad in the final round of the 2006 World Cup.


Other than the veterans of the Italian squad, the Gli Azzurri boasts of the likes of Mario Ballotelli, whose mere presence alone, can dominate an equally aggressive opponent.


There is also Stephan El Shaarawy and Giuseppe Rossi, who can pose deadly strikes and goals. One can just wish that they will be able to recover from their injuries to make it to the competition.


Italy is 12BET’s outright favorite in Group D and is valued at 2.55.



Costa Rica

Other than Bryan Ruiz, Costa Rica will need to look for other attacking options. The manner in which they protect the ball is impressive, but this barely makes any sense if they do not convert.


Injury issues are giving the squad a great deal of headache as key players with the likes of Kenny Cunningham and Brian Oviedo are endanger of missing the competition.


Costa Rica’s outright value at 12BET is 13.


Image Source: MLS Soccer

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