FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – Group I

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – Group I

The qualifying World Cup matches in Group I revolve around 2 squads, Spain and France. With both clubs accumulating 19 points, the two are fighting for an automatic berth in the prestigious tournament. Although the losing team will still have its chance to a book a ticket to Brazil, going into the play-offs translates to consuming more time and energy. Moreover, it hardly assures one’s entry. The runner-up still, needs to face the runner-ups of other groups in order to qualify.



Defending titleholder, Spain, still has 2 matches left to complete the 8 round robin qualifier. Against Georgia and Belarus, the Spaniards need to win all of their encounters and score big in order to qualify automatically.



With impressive credentials under their belt, beating Georgia and Belarus does not have to be very difficult. If there is one thing that they should put more focus, this is the scoring. Such will not only book their ticket to Brazil, this will also prevent France from pulling off a tie or a possible upset because of aggregate scoring shortcoming.



There is only one match left for France and that will be against Finland. Despite having the upper hand, the squad cannot be too complacent. They have not reached the qualifiers yet, thus, they cannot relax as of the moment.


What do they need to do? France needs to score big. In addition, they must hope that Spain loses one of its matches. Realistically speaking, it is easy for France to fire tons of goals. However, to hope that Spain loses is an ambitious whim.


Finland, Georgia and Belarus

As mentioned, these squads are already mathematically eliminated from the qualifier. Their last match is just a simple battle for national pride.




Image Source: Vancity Buzz


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