FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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U17 Italy vs. Uruguay: Uruguay’s Path To Glory

U17 Italy vs. Uruguay: Uruguay’s Path To Glory

Match Date: 23 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Ras Al-Khaimah


2011 FIFA U-17 runner-up , Uruguay is prepared to make the world cup odds go into their favor and bring home the trophy. But prior to the materialization of their dream, they need to overcome Italy first, which, like them, is also hungry for a title.


Team Form


Italy’s 2 consecutive wins manifest the squad’s strong possibility of reaching the final stage of the tournament. Rising as one of the squad’s rising star is Luca Vido, who scored the team’s winning goals.


The young Italians had their first taste of the tournament’s fierce competition when they went against one of the heavy favorites, Ivory Coast. Despite the latter’s pedigree of players, this did not prevent Italy from clinching the win.


Several minutes after the halftime, Vido stole the spotlight from the African titleholders.


Italy barely had the chance to take a quick rest as they were immediately pitted against New Zealand. Showing their resilience and disregard from the severe thrashing they received from Uruguay, New Zealand controlled the initial stages of the match. Unfortunately, Vido came into Italy’s rescue for the second time around, thus erasing all of New Zealand’s hopes of making a huge comeback.



Uruguay proved why they are force to reckon with. A thrashing against New Zealand and a come from behind victory against Ivory Coast proved why they are a regular title contender.


The Charrúas made an early statement not only when they thrashed, but also kept a clean sheet against New Zealand. The latter had to struggle against the scores made by Leandro Otormin, Franco Acosta, Facundo Ospitaleche, Franco Pizzichillo and of course, the so-called counterpart of Lionel Messi, Kevin Mendez.


Nevertheless, their strength did very little damage when they went against Ivory Coast. The Ivorians forced them to settle for a stalemate and quite surprisingly, it was the Charrúas that needed the late rally. Thanks to Acosta who has managed to prevent an impending defeat when he scored the last minute goal.



Italy 1-2 Uruguay

Italy has yet to have a taste of the tournament’s silverware. But this does not mean that they will easily throw in the white towel. Uruguay remains a heavy favorite, yet, they cannot be too confident for the Italians are ready to let a surprising upset happen.





Image Source: CONMEBOL

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