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FIFA U-17 World Cup Preview: New Zealand vs. Ivory Coast

FIFA U-17 World Cup Preview: New Zealand vs. Ivory Coast

Match Date: 24 October 2013

Match Venue: Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

New Zealand

By the opening of the Group Stage, New Zealand were immediately confronted by a dismaying finish—a massive contradiction to their stellar performance in the past months. Their Uruguayan group-mates proved to be very sharp and quick in the pitch, rendering the Oceania team empty-handed and running away with a staggering seven-goal packet. In their second (and most recent) match, New Zealand have yet again succumbed to their adversary, Italy this time. But unlike in their curtain raiser, the side’s latest defeat was much “milder,” where they only conceded one goal. It was a loss, nevertheless, and that means they have to occupy the table’s bottom for not showing the intensity they once had in the 2011 edition of the tournament. At the time, they were able to advance to the Round of 16 level of the tournament.


Ivory Coast

The strength of Ivory Coast relies largely on their defense, and less on their attack. This was seen in their last two matches in the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2013 group stage, where they have only conceded one goal on each tourney. The dependable defense is certainly a good asset for the side, but strengthening their offense would prove equally crucial. The side need to improve in this department for them to pick up more points, and consequently, sit higher in the group table. At present, Ivory Coast are ranked at number three (out of four), securing only one point from two fixtures (one draw, one defeat).


World Cup betting tip: This is a battle of the FIFA Group B’s bottom two, but certainly not something to be ignored. Both sides strive hard to extract substantial points from their battles. In this case, however, where one team are relatively more skilled than the other, a winning group is expected to emerge. Ivory Coast will finish this match in a 0-2 victory.


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