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FIFA U-17 World Cup Preview: Uzbekistan vs. Croatia

FIFA U-17 World Cup Preview: Uzbekistan vs. Croatia

Match Date: 24 October 2013

Match Venue: Fujairah Club Stadium, Fujairah



Delivering a clean sheet in their debut match for the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup group stage, Uzbekistan proved that they are no easy targets. The 2011 edition’s quarter-finalists thrashed Panama in a 0-2 finish, accentuated by the Khamdamov-assisted opener by Abbasov and a 76th final goal by Ashurmatov. The side’s second fixture, however, produced no strong showings for any spectator to be excited about. They were held by Morocco on a goal-empty deadlock, to the dismay of coach Dilshod Nuraliev. Regardless, the squad will see more of their spectacles escalate in their future fixtures.



Croatia’s curtain raiser in the group stage eschewed them from the higher ranks of the table. A painful defeat by Morocco was shouldered by the European side. Even the impressive 59th minute goal by Muric was not enough to save them from being slammed by their African adversary. In their second bout in the competition, fortunately, Ivan Vranješ’ junior-level players redeemed themselves with a 1-0 victory over Panama. This gave them extra points to place just above the table’s last spot. The side need to repeat more finishes of this kind (or better) for them to advance in the tournament’s higher stages.


World Cup betting tip: Uzbekistan have more reliable experience in the U-17 World Cup than Croatia, but this does not mean that the latter would tolerate any disparaging remarks. Both teams have strong mechanism toward their attack, but in this round, Croatia seem to be less equipped than their rivals. A narrow 3-2 finish will result in this tourney, in favor of the Uzbeks.


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