FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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FIFA U-17 Match Preview: Group D World Cup Betting Tips

FIFA U-17 Match Preview: Group D World Cup Betting Tips

New faces characterized this group. Some of them have been in the competition before while others are new faces.


With each squad showing their determination to etch their name in history, with each squad trying to look for redemption, expect an unforgettable and action-filled battle that shall be forever remembered.



For the first time since 1993, Tunisia’s eaglets shall have the chance to show off their pitch flair in the U-17 World Cup. It has been a while since they made it to the competition, but proved to be a dominant force in the African U-17 Championship where they easily snatched the 3rd spot.


Apart from the African U-17 Championship, the squad also soared high during the Arab U-17 competition. Some of their key figures, who are also expected to shine during the U-17 World Cup tournament, are Ben Larbi and Hazem Haj Hassen, whose combined efforts propelled Tunisia’s scoring spree.



Entering the competition for the very first time, Venezuela’s entry etched their name in the country’s football history.
Despite a slow start, the squad made a big comeback and were even voted as one of the top title contenders. Snatching the 2nd spot in the qualifiers, the team is excited to wave the Venezuelan flag with pride and joy as they continue their journey in the awaited event.



Making their first entry as part of the Soviet Union in 1987, the team snatched the competition’s title and received their hero’s welcome. However, it took them several years, as a matter of fact, decades, before they secure their berth in the tournament again.
Emerging as the top winner of the 2013 UEFA U-17 Championship, expect Russia to reclaim their glorious days in the United Arab Emirates.



Japan remains to be a strong contender in the competition. To note, this is their 4th consecutive appearance.




However, the team cannot seem to get past of Round 1 and the Quarterfinals. Once again, they have the chance to secure the most coveted silverware. For sure, the squad is ready to fight tooth and nail to go home as the proud victors of the tournament.



Image Source: Medio Tiempo

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