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Ethiopia Confident To Win Despite FIFA’s Sanction

Ethiopia Confident To Win Despite FIFA’s Sanction


Match Preview: Ethiopia VS Central African Republic
Match Date: 07 September 2013 (local time)
Venue: Brazzaville

Ethiopia is on the verge of sealing a spot in the awaited 2014 World Cup. Apparently, they are the clear favorites that punters must be wary of when they bet on the world cup.



Currently, the squad is off to meet the Central African Republic to battle for a stint in the qualifying round. As for the Walia Antelopes (Ethiopia), winning the match barely posits a high degree of difficulty. Yet, the team has no time to be too complacent or overconfident—not when one of their players are currently involved in a controversy.



Current team form
Central African Republic (Les Fauves) is in dire need of a major overhaul. After losing 4 out of its 5 matches, it is not surprising to see them at the bottom pit of the group. The squad needs a great rally to catch-up with Botswana (one of the bottom two), which is 4 points ahead of them.


Meanwhile, Walia Antelopes sits comfortably on the top spot of the group. Sewnet Bishaw and his men have accumulated 10 points in the qualifiers and at the same time, won 3 out of its 5 matches. It suffered a single loss and the other match ended in a draw.


In its most recent victory over Somalia, Walia Antelopes thrashed their opponents with 5 goals and kept a clean sheet.


Ethiopia’s sanction
Last July, FIFA sanctioned Ethiopia for fielding an ineligible player during its match against Botswana. Such penalty forfeits their victory and suspends Minyahile Teshome Beyene.


Nevertheless, despite awarding Botswana a 3-0 win, Ethiopia remained on top of the cop. Moreover, it is less like that Beyene’s suspension shall affect the team’s overall performance—well at least not for now or when they face Central African Republic.



Photo Credit: Daniel Berhane

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