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El Tri’s Talent Pool Increases Mexico’s World Cup Campaign

El Tri’s Talent Pool Increases Mexico’s World Cup Campaign


Match date: 07 September 2013

Venue: Mexico City


The battle between Mexico and Honduras is one of the World Cup matches that are starting to create a loud buzz. Since only the top 3 teams can book their tickets to Brazil, the upcoming match will somehow, decide the fate of the above-mentioned teams.


The scenario

El Tri is currently a point ahead of the Los Catrachos. While it is true that Mexico has only won once and Honduras has managed to secure 2 victories, the former never lost in any of its qualifying matches. Majority of them ended in a draw, whereas the Honduran side lost thrice.
Although Jose Manuel “Chepo” and his men are ahead, Luis Fernando Suárez and his squad can easily turn the odds in their favor with just a single win. As a matter of fact, even a draw is enough to continue their World Cup campaign.


Team form and past performances

Honduras showed its strength in the recent CONCACAF Gold Cup. They never made it into the semis, but their performance has been very good. In the tournament, they won 3 out of the 5 matches.


On the other hand, El Tri failed to reach the finals for the very first time since 2005. The loss almost led to Chepo’s sacking. Nevertheless, Mexico’s most recent failure does not erase the fact that it has a much better line up than Honduras.


The problem with El Tri is how to maximize and creatively use the player’s strength in the pitch. Chepo literally overflows with high caliber men. He has plenty of materials to play with. He has Chicharito, Giovani Dos Santos, Andres Guardado, to name a few.


The favorites

El Tri’s line-up makes them an automatic favorite in the upcoming match. As mentioned, Chepo only needs to know how to use the huge potential that lies before him. The team’s head honcho retained his position despite disappointing losses in the Gold and Confederations Cup. The team still, has time to man up and reclaim the Mexican strength that has been missed for quite some time now.




Photo Credit: HD Wall Paper


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