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Congo Prepares For Battle Against Minnows, Niger

Congo Prepares For Battle Against Minnows,  Niger

Match Preview: Congo VS Niger

Match Date: 07 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Niamey


Congo has no time to relax even though they are up against the minnow, Niger on 07 September 2013.
While it is true that world cup odds favor Congo in Group E’s qualifying match, Diables Rouges cannot afford to belittle such encounter. Indeed, they are currently holding the top spot, but a single mistake shall pave way for the rise of Burkina Faso or Gabon.


Ranking hiatus

Diables Rouges are (comfortably) sitting on the top spot with 10 points. Following closely is Burkina Faso, which has 9 and Gabon with 7. However, a single win can change everything. Any of these 3 can take the lead and book an early flight to Brazil. Should Diables Rouges lose to Niger, it will open the gates of opportunity for the 2 equally aggressive squads.


Team Form

There is no doubt that Congo is in a better form. They are not leading the pack for nothing. Out of its 5 matches, it won thrice, lost once and drew once.


On the other hand, Niger lost 4 of its matches and only once. Moreover, the only time it won was when the match against Gabon was forfeited and they were awarded with a 3-0 advantage. Under this context,  Niger has been playing only for the sake of pride and this should not be belittled. As the old adage says, everything is possible in football. Scoring is not the only thing that they should be wary about, but also the technical aspects that may lead to their failure such as injuries, suspensions and red cards.


The real battle

Congo’s real battle is not against Niger. As mentioned, these are Gabon and Burkina Faso. For Burkina Faso’s side, the squad should take heed of Bertrand Traoré whereas for Gabon, there is always Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who sends tremors on the pitch.



Photo Credit: Football Match Previews


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