FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Brazil VS. Japan – Confederations Cup Match Preview

Brazil VS. Japan – Confederations Cup Match Preview

Brazil VS Japan

Brazil To Give Japan Its First Dose Of Confederations’ Cup Loos


Japan may have been the very first squad to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2014. However, there’s a question on whether they can fare well against their crowd-favorites, Brazil, during the upcoming Confederations Cup.


The Samurai Blue is a keen playmaker. With the likes of Shinji Kagawa and Keisuke Honda, the squad can pull off different maneuvers and tactics on the field that can bring tons of surprise to the Selecaos.


Japan, however, crumbles on their defence, in which Brazil can readily capitalize. The Samurai Blue knows how to protect the ball. They can penetrate the toughest defenders. Yet, the moment they lose their possession, their opponent can easily secure a swift and easy goal.


Meanwhile, there’s no question why the odds favor Brazil. First off, the squad’s defensive line-up is impressive. With veterans such as Dante, the squad is in a perfect position to secure a clean sheet.


Japan may have been known for its playmakers, but Brazil can readily counter it. The Oscar-Moura tandem are powerful duos to beat in the upcoming match. Although Kaka and Ronaldinho may be missing in action, Brazil’s big boss, Scolari has full confidence with his midfielders.


Lastly, there’s Neymar—a rising football prodigy akin to the likes of Messi. Neymar is one of the central figures to watch out for in the match. Speculations claim that the child wonder’s performance is far from being impressive. But it only takes a little dose of adjustment and slight nudge from Scolari to bring out the best out of Neymar.


Unlike Japan, the Confederations Cup is nothing new to Brazil. The squad has the experience and the talent. All it takes is a little more push and they might end up clinching the silverware.


- Confederations Cup
- Estadio Nacional, 16 June 2013

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