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Brazil Snatches 3rd Spot From Brave Tahiti

Brazil Snatches 3rd Spot From Brave Tahiti

A grueling down the wire match between beach soccer giant, Brazil and brave Tahiti ended with the 4-time champion securing the 3rd best spot in the celebrated 2014 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.
Brazil has yet another beach soccer trophy to boast when they were awarded as the tournament’s 3rd placer. As for Tahiti, which were labeled as the brave minnows of the competition, the face-off etched their name in history as their impressive performance left the audience on their toes.


Tahiti’s very own Li Fung Kuee scored the battle’s opener, giving the squad an early lead. However, Brazil’s Bruno Xavier immediately answered back with another goal, which equalized the scores of both clubs.


The 11th saw a seemingly never-ending exchange of goals between Brazil and Tahiti. Brazil’s Daniel and Andre spearheaded the squad’s scoring spree, while Tahiti’s Mesch kept the club’s spirit alive. A few more attempts and Brazil soon saw themselves on the lead during the 18th, thanks to Eudin, who converted a free-kick.


Holding on to a 5-2 lead, Xavier committed a foul that sent Taiarui in the penalty. Unwilling to let their supporters down, Taiarui cut down Brazil’s advantage to two (2).



The yellow card seemed to have an effect to the Brazilian pact, which has temporarily stopped scoring. By the 22nd, the Jorginho got another yellow card and opened another scoring opportunity for Kuee. Like Taiarui, Kuee converted, cutting down Brazil’s advantage to 1. But Jorginho was quick to respond. He pulled off another scoring attack and brought back Brazil’s edge to 2.


The second half saw tons of attempts to score, but it was Tahiti’s Bennet who broke the silence, and gave Tahiti another opportunity to turn the tides. Entering the crucial period of the 2nd half, Xavier received his second yellow card and was sent off the pitch. Recognizing the golden chance to score, Tahiti’s Taiarui pulled off an overhead goal, which resulted to a 6-6 score and left the referee with no other option, but to call for an extra time.
The pressure becomes more intense as both squads struggled for the silverware. Unfortunately for Tahiti, a foul sent Bruno Malias into the penalty, Malias converted and gave Brazil the 7-6 lead. But the host remained strong and just when the extra time was about to end, Bennet scored the equalizer.

Once again, Jorginho and Kuee saw themselves battling against each other. Jorginho converts but Kuee’s attempt was denied, thus, ending Tahiti’s magnificent run in the competition and Brazil gaining the upper hand.




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