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Club World Cup Morocco 2013: The Auckland City FC Story

Club World Cup Morocco 2013: The Auckland City FC Story

In the mid-2000s, Aukland City FC were struggling to make impression for their supporters, online bookies, and other avid football fans worldwide. They lost their fixture 2-0 to Egypt’s Al Ahly in 2006 during the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan. For the fifth-place playoffs, the side competed against Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors but were defeated 0-3 to sixth instead.


In 2009, the Navy Blues braved to rival again against the Cairo powerhouse, and won it over with a 2-0 finish via Adam Dickinson and Chad Coombes. In the quarterfinals, the squad mustered more courage to improve themselves, but their rally was put off after Mexico’s Atlante defeated them in a clean sheet. In 2011 and 2012, the New Zealand players again secured seeding in the finals. On both occasions, however, the side remained to be the underdogs.


Auckland City is one of New Zealand’s best performed teams in recent times. In the domestic league, they are in tight rivalry with Waitakere United. In the Oceania department, however, the troupe are less spectacular. They have only won half of the six group matches, with highlights going to their hard-won points against Tahiti and Fiji.


With an ensemble almost completely unchanged since 2011, Auckland should already have the mastery and necessary experience to nail their Club World Cup efforts. Team head Ramon Tribulietx came up of a plan of adding Gustavo Suoto and Manel Exposito to the club, citing the Spanish players’ aptitude as key advantage to winning their fixtures. Auckland flaunt some of the finest young local players in the national league, but their most prized asset remains to be New Zealand’s most-capped player Ivan Vicelich.


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